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SWS Web Design & SEO Blog | Unmanaged Windows VPS hosting Vs Managed Windows VPS hosting
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  • Unmanaged Windows VPS hosting Vs Managed Windows VPS hosting

    Unmanaged Windows VPS hosting Vs Managed Windows VPS hosting

    When you are creating a website for your business, its performance and efficiency are determined by the type of hosting you choose. There are various options when it comes to hosting. You can go for the shared hosting, PS hosting or dedicated server hosting.

    Shared hosting vs VPS hosting vs dedicated hosting.

    Shared hosting  is when you opt to share a portion of the primary server with other users or customers while dedicated hosting, you opt to rent the entire server for your online business needs. However, for the VPS hosting, you choose to rent a particular portion of the primary server without sharing it with anyone; you get the full control of the offered resources. The downfall with shared hosting is that during busy periods all of the sites on that server may be drawing resources at the same time and push the server near or over its limit which can drastically slow down or even create a http 500 internal server error. Some shared hosting companies however have quite a good server up-time, places like Siteground who have good reviews from many users including TechTage.

    If you are looking to host a growing website or one that is expected to record an increase in traffic in future, VPS hosting becomes the most preferred option for many. But why?

    Benefits of Windows VPS hosting.

    If you own an e-commerce website, a small business or rely on your website for various business activities such as advertising or sales, windows VPS hosting will be beneficial in that it makes your site stable since no other server user can affect the performance of your website as in the case of shared hosting where excess traffic on another website will adversely affect the performance of your website.

    With windows VPS hosting, you can also choose the operating system or software you want to install in your rented space. Moreover, with this type of hosting, you enjoy more resources, i.e. more CPU, RAM and disk space.

    If you opt to go for the windows VPS hosting option, you also have to go an extra mile in determining what type of windows VPS hosting you want for your needs. There are two main types of windows VPS hosting;

    • ### Unmanaged windows VPS hosting.
    • ### Managed windows VPS hosting.

    Difference between unmanaged VPS hosting and managed VPS hosting.

    Unmanaged VPS hosting.

    When you choose the unmanaged VPS hosting, it means that you want full control of your server apart for the Operating System installation and re-installation. Your hosting company will only rent the server to you and offer you the basic support of installing and re-installing the OS. However, in the case of service outages or hardware failure, the hosting company will provide you with technical support.

    This means that when you are going for the unmanaged VPS hosting, you have to have your own team of IT experts that are conversant with server issues for managing to monitor the VS server. Some of the tasks your technical team has to handle includes;

    • ### VPS Firewall configuration.
    • ### 3rd party software installation & configuration.
    • ### Script troubleshooting.
    • ### Installation of any Operating System updates.
    • ### Migration of web content, emails and databases.
    • ### Regular maintenance and backup.
    • ### Setting alert mechanism.
    • ### Monitoring of services.
    • ### Troubleshooting of different services.
    • ### Performance tuning.

    In case you come across unmanaged VPS service technical issues that will require the help of your hosting company, you will then need to pay an agreed technical support fee per hour. This means that you will have to dig deeper into your pocket on such occasions.

    Managed VPS hosting.

    When you opt for the managed VPS services, the hosting company is responsible for all technical issues regarding the VPS server. This option is best when you are starting a small business or handling a team of staff that has no required knowledge and skills in handling the VPS server. However, if you have a team with some basic knowledge, you can choose the managed VPS hosting but sign a contract on the tasks you can handle.

    The hosting company handles the following tasks for you;

    • ### Installation of SSL certificates and essential software.
    • ### Enhance security.
    • ### Regular update of the Operating system.
    • ### Regular maintenance and backup.
    • ### 24/7 Technical support.
    • ### Checking for potential security threats.
    • ### Monitoring server for inefficient resources such as low disk space and excessive usage of RAM & CPU.

    Factors that will help choose the best windows VPS hosting for you.

    When you are stuck between choosing between unmanaged and managed windows VPS hosting, you can evaluate the following factors;

    a) Budget: Managed VPS hosting is definitely expensive than Unmanaged VPS hosting. However, you have to do the maths and weigh your readiness to handle the various VPS tasks on yourself. In that note, you must calculate the cost of hiring IT experts in your company versus going for the managed VPS hosting option. If hiring IT experts are cheaper for you; you can go for the unmanaged VPS services.

    b) Staffing & Technical capabilities: The choice to go for the unmanaged VPS hosting or Managed VPS hosting is determined by the staff in your company and their capacity to handle all VPS issues. Remember, it can be very costly requesting for the hosting company technical support if you chose the unmanaged Windows VPS services.

    Whether to choose Unmanaged or Managed windows VPS hosting, the determinant is your company’s needs, budget and most importantly, preparedness to handle VPS server tasks. Evaluate your business according to these issues and make a much-informed decision on the two VPS hosting options.

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