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SWS Web Design & SEO Blog | SWS Secures deal with Times2Tech technology blogger platform
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  • SWS Secures deal with Times2Tech technology blogger platform

    SWS Secures deal with Times2Tech technology blogger platform

    http://www.times2tech.com is a technology blogging website targeted at the tech savvy lovers of the modern era with a focus on state of the art trending technology products. The owner of the popular tech reader`s sites is up against stiff competition.  This niche is generally funded by traffic driven profit or affiliate referrals so as you can imagine getting lots of traffic is very important for its upkeep.

    Having dealt with many affiliate type companies before, we knew exactly what was needed here and how to push this out to the next level for Times2Tech. Due to the website not actually selling a product the traffic needs to be cheap yet relevant to the website so the focus will be based around finding relevant markets and audiences in various countries. This will help to maximise the time spent on site by the surfers and hopefully lead to them clicking on ads targeted to their previous searches.

    Part of this process was to become technology marketers and think like tech educated customers and fully immerse our team into the modern buying process. Try to reveal valuable insights on Technology Decision Makers (TDMs) around the web, crunch the numbers and pull key data-points to help inform and shape our knowledge of this valuable audience.

    This infographic explains it really well: http://www.slideshare.net/LImarketingsolutions/tech-by-the-numbers-understanding-tech-buyers-infographic/1

    • What TDMs are interested in — and where they look for information
    • What content TDMs engage with — and how
    • What 2017 means for tech marketers — key tips and tactics for reaching TDMs

    Once we understand and gather data on this audience type we can they utilise the more common marketing methods below and start engaging with these audiences, firing mail shots at them and post articles and links wherever they frequent on a daily basis.


    • Email Marketing: We will search for lists from country specific electronics interested contacts and produce weekly email campaigns


    • Social Media Marketing: We will utilise Facebook and other paid social media platforms with area/language/country specific audiences as our target


    • Youtube Video Marketing: We will produce useful product awareness videos to showcase the most popular well searched and related products that they list in an array of languages or universally understandable visuals to target each country.


    • Google Organic Search: Our primary focus will be to alter their onsite SEO with translation software to make the website accessible to other languages as well as build advertisements for them linking back to the site from various countries most popular websites much similar to the previous strategy.


    Once we have built this database of audiences and emails we can start to evaluate the next step and up the budget accordingly to accommodate the growth of the traffic and use the extra percentage of revenues acquired to target newer markets and increase adverts budgets.

    We can also use this extra growth and traffic as a bartering system for product manufacturers to request product demos for our audience on social media and the website, it will give the site pre-release content that no one else has and then we can use the product in giveaways to persuade people to join various platforms or landing pages that we push them to and we can then start new avenues of products as we traverse traffic to other landing pages or sister sites.

    Do you want to grow your site traffic? Perhaps get a new website? Then contact us now at http://www.signoriwebsolutions.com

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